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Wax, Polish, Oxidation removal?  Bottom

  • A motorboat friend recommended a 3 step Meguiars Fiberglass kit.

    I have done the oxidation formula, it helped bring some of the yellow out but I was underwhelmed. I have applied the polish once, it specifies twice, then there is a wax product.

    I have only worked the tops of the hulls, the yellow part, should I be using any or all of these products on the lower white portions?

    My same friend insists that boats slide through the water faster with a coat of wax on the hull icon_smile

  • If you are looking for explosive results, forget wax & polish, try Poliglow clear coat treatment, remove heavy oxidization with orbital sander and 800 grit water-paper, apply poli-prep to remove old wax build-up, wipe Poliglow on using spray bottle and chamois cloth, let dry for 2-3 min, apply 2nd coat. Apply up to 6 coats, Poliglow permeates gelcoat, rejuventes color, seals gelcoat and hardens to protect gelcoat. Colour will pop


  • Thanks R, I am not looking so much to make it look good as to protecting it going forward. So do you use product on the lower hulls?

  • I just bought my second Poli Glow kit, the first one was enough to do the initial application and then reapply several times. (once per year). I just sealed up the little chamois applicator in a ziplock bag to store, then when wetted out with Poli Glow it was as good as new.

    The Poli Prep concentrate that comes with the kit is amazing stuff and it goes a long way since it is used diluted 3-10 to one depending on whether you are using it for initial prep/oxidation removal or to clean up for re-coating with Poli Glow.

    You can buy the kit on Amazon.com, where if you are a prime member you get free shipping.

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  • I use Poliglow on the entire boat, hulls and deck, take your time with the prep, the results are worth it. Poliglow does not have the same radiant results on white hulls but will seal and protect the gelcoat anyway, but on coloured hulls the results are awesome. And you don't get that bath-tub stain that ultimately occurs on boats sailing in muddy lakes that have been waxed and polished, just re-apply Poliglow every 1-2 years to keep your boat looking good.


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