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Nacra 6.0 na will not point to weather  Bottom

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  • I started sailing a Nacra two seasons ago. I can not stress how much being forward will help. I have always been lazy about it and it makes a huge difference on how the boat points. I spend most of my time a head of the shroud these days.

    The fact you have wings makes it worse, I like wings they are great, but they put more weight on the rear of the boat and none anywhere else. HTH, Ricardo.

    Lake Perry KS
    N-5.5 UNI +spin
  • I sailed a N6.0 Mylar sq top, self tacking jib, for 3 years. A buddie of mine got a Bimare 18HT and could out point me by about 7 degrees in lite winds while flying a hull(both of us single handed). I furled the jib and rotated the mast, immediately pointed with him. This is in winds under 5mph. Over that, used the jib and pointing was very much related to crew weight. I never used an overlapping jib on the 6.0 so can't speak to that factor. One thing that I do believe is that you have to sail to the characteristics of your boat. Worry less about the pointing ability s of the other boats, and make your boat perform at its best angle. Start there and then make small adjustments in rotation, downhaul, rake( straight up unless your burying the bows in the heavys or in big waves), diamond tension(is a huge factor), jib sheeting and position, main sheeting, crew weight and position. Not in that order nessiceraly , but one at a time till something helps.
    If you are running an NA, you may be able to point down with a lot more speed than others. Race your race.
    Also, remove the stops on your daggers so they can run down flush with the deck, 5 more inches of dagger in the water. The head handle can be filled and a large diameter line for a pull handle used ILO.
    Everything on the boat is a factor.
  • Thanks for all the suggestions, I think that it will change the way that I have been sailing the boat. I appreciate the help all of you have given me.

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