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  • MN3
    QuoteHA HA...early in the season 78F would be normal. Last week end it was in the 90's, humidity 80%, much like your area.

    close ... but it's in the 80's by 8am and 5000% humidity.. we haven't figured out how it's above 100% but i think it has something to do with quantum physics

    It's a provision of the Healthcare Law
    ETA: Our Lows have been in the 80's here, at least we're getting rain this year. Last month I got more rain in 8 days than I did last year.

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  • I remember well the first time I was in Houston. Late arrival, slept in til 10, got up opened the curtains, & thought, damn, it's raining...but if it's raining, how come I see blue sky?
    Then it dawned on me. It was a clear day, BUT, the air-conditioning in the hotel was cooling the window panes a few degrees. With the outside air at 90% humidity, it only needed to be cooled a few degrees to reach the condensation level. The windows were that few degrees cooler, & water was streaming down.
    We went for a tour of the Astro Dome, they told us there is a very sophisticated climate control system to prevent rain showers in the building.
    You guys have some hot sticky weather, we're just weenies up here, north of the 49th.

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