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Nacra 5.8 trap lines?  Bottom

  • Hey fellas, I'm looking for a replacement set of trap lines for my 1990 Nacra 5.8. They began to uncoil last season and I did the duct tape repair to get me to this point. Any suggestions on where I can track some down or do one of you know someone that has a set? Obviously, I'm more than willing to pay.

    Thanks in advance!
  • NVM... Just found em @ Murray's...
  • Duct Tape Repair?

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  • https://www.saltydogmarin…f8710b4a000d7dd087748c41

    salty dog marine

    Best of luck

    Nacra 5.5SL
  • here's where i get mine. get plain wire, not vinyl-coated as the top swages slip on the coated wire.
    they will also make them shorter if you need to add adjustable hardware below the handles. just ask.


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