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P-18 $2500 Auburn  Bottom

  • I'm looking for something a bit smaller but this looks like a good deal.



    Rob V.
    Panama City, FL
  • a little pricey...although new tramp(300$), beach wheels(used ~300$), are a plus. if your not in a hurry, you can find old p-16's and 18's form 500$ - 1000$ complete. i paid 500$ for mine, fixed a couple of soft spots, but it had trailor, cattrax, dlb trap set, good sails, box of parts, extra rudder and casting, and 2 tiller extensions. the 2500$ range gets you a really nice old beachcat, extra sails and all the fixins'. you can always make an offer though!

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    bill harris
    hattiesburg, mississippi
    prindle 16- "BLUE RIBBON"
  • How can one make a value judgement when they do not know the year of the boat, condition of the sails etc.. There is a true value in solid hulls and decks, especially if you might be sailing in the ocean or large lakes.
  • As an FYI on price point I just sold 2 P18's for 2700 one in excellent condition other one in fair condition.
    2 trailers and loads of spares.
  • if you want a really cherry p-18, this guy seems to be "the cat man" I think he restores/sells them for a living.


    he also has a h-16 and N5.2 for sale in another ad for about the same price...

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  • I bought my P18 for $800 with solid hulls. I replaced the Tramp and a rudder castings with used ones for under $300. I have put some into vests and some into addons out of choice like used TRAX and a furling jib setup, andan old CatBox for $50 but none of that was necessary. I will be getting some sails soon but only because the price is right the ones I have will still work well.

    Dustin Finlinson • Magna, UT
    Member: Utah Sailing Association
    1982 Prindle 18
    1986 Hobie 17
    1982 Prindle 16
    1980 Prindle 16(mostly)
    1976 Prindle 16(mostly)

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  • Looks pretty good to me, and you can probably talk him down and get a better deal than I did.
    I bought my 1982 P18 for $2000, with trailer and beach wheels. Lines needed replaced right away, and I sailed it the better part of the year. Then the tramp started coming apart. In the second year I replaced what I have to assume was original, standing rigging. I have gotten three years out of the sails, and might get one or two more, but they are getting delicate.
    When I was shopping, non-Getaway, 18 footers were in very short supply. I drove from Chicago to Wisconsin and Ohio to find my boat, and was ready to visit Michigan and Indiana.
    I love my P18 it is fast and way big enough for myself another parent and two or three pre-teen kids.
  • Might seem a bit pricy but keep in mind this P18 has been restored, and the hulls are solid. Also it comes with all the extras that add up, the guy bought the P18, and spent a bit of money on it,and now needs to recoup his time and expenses. I picked my P18 up for $600, cost me $250 in gas to Ohio and back, and I've put about $250-$350 in restoring her. Then re-wired the trailer, did the bearings and added bearing-buddies, another $150. Total cost so far, about $1300, have not replaced standing rigging, soaked all lines in bleach solution and then machine washed them, sails still have many years in them.

    There is a P18 for sale close by and seems in good condition.


    G-Cat 5.0

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