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need help! hobie 16 vs hobie 18 vs solcat 18  Bottom

  • i am in the market for my first catamaran and i cant decide between the solcat 18, hobie 18, the 16, or the 14. i am looking for something that is a little bigger, but is easy to handle, and can be loaded up with a friend or two for summertime cruising in the islands. Also, what are some things to look for when i take a look at the boat? are there hobie/cat specific problems? icon_confused i have experiance sailing so really, all i am doing is just adding another hull, but i know jack squat about cats, and nobody around here is crazy enough to sail in 42 deg. water so my resources are limited, its not like i can go to the local dealer and talk to somebody... i have only seen one other hobie cat on the island. i have heard alot about banana hulls and how i should stay far away from them, which is why i have picked out the solcat and the 18. any advice helps!

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  • Well go ahead and scratch the 14 off the list. They are best solo and really love to pitchpole..not to fun in cold water. The H16 is never a bad choice, but I've spent some unexpected time in the water with that boat too. You just have to be prepared. Never sailed the 18 or Sol. If you fill out your profile you might get some better insight from others that are either in or have experience in your area. As for what to look for in a used boat, soft spots in the decks of older Hobie's is one thing to look for. Thats my 2 cents, hope it saves a buck. Good Luck.
  • i have decided to go with the solcat18, what kind of performance can i expect?

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