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help! new boat or repair the one I have?  Bottom

  • I currently have an 86 hobie 16. It has fair hulls, good deck and trampoline, and reasonably good standing rigging. It needs both sails, a ratchet block, traveler car, main halyard, boom, goose neck fitting, rudder cams, and dozens of other small bits and peices I've broken/lost recently.
    I have the opportunity to get an 80 something Sol Cat 18' in good condition with good sails with enough parts to build another boat.
    Should I stick with the Hobie and spend the 1500+ dollars on refitting it? Or sell it and buy the solcat for $500? Thanks for your help in advance!
  • I'm not familiar with the Solcats, but it sounds like a deal to me! Are you sure it's in good shape?
  • The boat has been sitting under trees for a while so its dirty and the trampoline seems like it might be getting somewhat brittle. It also has sevral repairs on the port hull that look good but are not quite finished (no finish sanding, paint or gelcoat) but other than that it looks like it is ready to sail.
  • I guess this post is a little old....As far as I can tell, the solcats aren't made anymore, so parts might be scarce if you need them.

    The H16 however, is still made, so when you need new hulls you can get newer ones for the fraction of a new boat. Just my .02..

    Where are you located?

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