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Need to replace 1 pontoon. (port) do I need the same Year? or  Bottom

  • can I use another year. I have a 1982 Hobie 16 I need the port pontoon. I have had a lot of calls on my ad I placed on Craigs list. but, no one knows what year the pontoon is. Can someone help me on this matter ASAP The salt water is calling my name.
  • As far as I know you can use any H16 hull as a replacement. I'm sorry I can't give more exact answer. I don't believe there is difference in upper support locations. You should be ok. Measure to be sure. The serial number on the transom of each hull as the manufacture year in the number. The last two numbers are the year. ie us145y83D would be 1983.

    There are differences in traverler track types and shroud line lengths for boats made with the comptip mast installed. These differeces are in later years. I think 92 and up. Someone will elaborate on this forum. Good luck.
  • Any Hobie 16 hull will fit, sometimes the hard part is removing the bad hull from the corner castings. Not all Hobie's have the ID number on both hulls. Sometime in the early 90's (not quite sure when) Hobie stopped making colored hulls and only made white ones from then until present. I will try and find out what year that happened and post it unless someone out there already knows.
  • I've replaced or worked on 16 hulls....word of caution~~ when taking off the frame from the hull use a rubber mallet or a block of wood~ short(2x4) if ya use a hammer, you could crack or break the casting.... One time I had to file down the pylon down in spots to get it to go on... you should see where it's hangin up or binding... good luck & take yer time with it........

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  • 1) Its a HULL. (Pontoon makes me crazy) sorry..pet peeve.
    2) You would be better off finding a hull close to the age of your boat. We have new boats and factory replacement hulls making horrible squeaking noises at the pylons. Seems to indicate a fit problem.

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