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Traveler Car - Removal and installation  Bottom

  • After a day of maintenance and rigging of my N5.8NA on the beach, I did a dumb thing and removed my traveler from its track. Kaboom! A whole lot of little delrin balls spilled out all over the sand. How the heck do you get this thing back together? Twas the last thing I needed.

  • You need a bearing loader (I just ordered one) and replacement bearings. Car loader $12.50 bearings $10 per 21 and I think you will need 63-65, so I hope you picked up as many as you could find. www.murrays.com (look under Harken travler car) 1-800-786-7245
    With a phone call you should have them in 3 days
  • Thanks. No one I talked to at the beach had the foggiest idea as to how to do this. I will make it known that I possess this tool once done.

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