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Boomless H16 sail?  Bottom

  • I was thinking about getting a new sail for my H16... Whirlwind or Calvert(local). But I was looking around this weekend at all the other cats that have boomless setups. Granted they are bigger and newer. Is it possible to have a boomless sail created for a H16? I understand that the sail foot would need to be about 12" to 18" shorter without a boom, but if the sail were a square top, how much performance would be lost?

    The other thing is my 10 y/o daughter is getting more interested, and I though a boomless setup might be a bit safer.

    I would appreciate any comments.
  • I like the safety aspect of boomless sails, especially when sailing with kids. However, while it's totally possible to get a good shape out of a boomless sail, I think it's harder to get them to shape right.

    A good solution my dad had for this problem was to use some 3M spray adhesive to stick foam padding to the boom. That way you get all the benefits of a boom without having to give up safety. This might also save you money on your sail.

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  • Some boomless sails are not any safer than having a boom. My Nacra has a track and car hanging from the sail that can hurt just as much as a boom.
  • No kidding Rich! I somehow managed to get hit up-side the head by my main block the other day, and for a second there I honestly thought I was going to be down for the count. At the same time though, I think your a lot more likely to get hit by the boom than by the rigging at the back of the sail, because you're usually not back that far on the tramp when you're turning.
  • Hi Ryan,

    Since I have to switch the side on the tiller extension I am right in line with the car/upper main sheet block. It got me a couple of times (usually during a gybe). You can actually feel where it hit for several days.
  • the h16 needs alot of angle on the mast to sail correctly... this means almost block to block action ....

    without a boom to manage (redirect) the forces being applied i think you may be risking damage to a sail without a boom
  • Try looking up the specs on the nacra 500. I know its 16-17 feet long. Im not sure how long the mast is, but you could maybe fit one that is suppose to go on that on your H16. Its boomless.

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