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rudder breakage  Bottom

  • I know some of you have had the rudder on a Hobie 16-14 break. I looked for some time for a replacement, but to no avail, found one...then someone else had this bright idea...why dont you just cut and reshape the top of the rudder by the amount needed to redrill your holes for the rudder casting. I did that and have not actually been out on the water. Is there anyone with this kind of repair with some advice. It did take me quite some time to make all the required cuts and sanding to make it fit...
  • yes i have used repaired rudders. it lasted about a month for me.

    I broke 3 H18 rudders in 1 summer. 2 were old and brittle and 1 i slammed into the shore (also broke the casting).

    i am very friendly with our local repair guy who does this work. He never guarentees the results because these rudders are cheap nylon and don't last forever.

    The cheap rudders cost about 120 each? The good epo replacements start at double that... but are worth it if you have the cash.

    Be happy... a replacement Dart rudder is around $1200 i hear. I personally snached up the first set of rudders from my boat i could find.
  • thanks...Im not sure about the nylon thing...I know it took several passes to make the cut...it kept melting itself back together....we'll see how long it holds up
  • 20493000 Std Nylon Plastic blade, White ? ea.

    this is the Hobie stock part

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