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SolCat Trapeze ?  Bottom

  • Hi, I know that there is some SolCat18 guys on here.I have the online manual but it doesnt show where to run your shockcords on this,there's no grommets on trampoline so where in the heck do you run them.Help Thanks
  • Hi, I just bought a Sol Cat 18' and wondered the same thing. I was told by Steve at Murry's to put a grommet on the edge of the tramp just before and just after the main stay on each side of the cat. You then run the shock cord down through the grommet, under the tramp and up though the grommet on the other side. That's what I plan to do unless I hear of a better way. Jack
  • Hey guys, Jack is dead on, If you would like to send me an E-mail address I will send you pic's of the grommet and setup on my solcat 18

    Jeff O
    solcat 18(sold),
    Camarillo CA
  • Thanks for asking the quest Brjonair. I've had the same questions also but I'm not quite at that point of my repairs. Thanks for any help on this ohmsj. Will send you an email.
  • Thanks ohmsj for the pic's and explanation.
  • When I had my boat, I put one set of grommets just aft of the Side stays, for the trap used by the skipper. For the crew's trap, I ran the shock cord through the gap between the forward cross member and the bracket where the tramp attached to the hull. Its where the hull slants up to meet the cross member.
  • If you are gonna set grommets in the tramp as recommended then your setup will be very similar to the one in this thread for the P16/P18.


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  • i don't know the solocat set up but i have my bungee criss-crossed under my tramp with single blocks hanging off 3" of line at the rear beam.

    This allows for 3x more bungee and is good to have for several reasons:
    less likely to get hung up

    less likely to ricochet back into your (or crews face) when you get off the wire

    If you should stuff your bows (or peter pan around front)... you will want the extra room in your bungee...

    trust me... flying around the front of the boat is "exciting" enough... no need to come to a quicker stop than expected...

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