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Prindle 18 Downhaul  Bottom

  • I was wondering if I could get some help on how to rig the downhaul on my prindle. Can someone take a picture of how theirs is set up and send it to me? This is my first catamaran and I'm not even sure I have all the parts I'm supposed to have for the downhaul as is. I had to have the trampoline replaced so I have some time to kill before I can take it out. So since Im waiting I decided to replace some parts that need it. The past owner just had a rope tied to the sail and pulled it tight by hand and put it in the clam cleat. I see there is a cheek block (the shiv needs to be replaced) but Im not sure what else I need to make the downhaul setup complete.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  • Wade

    In the technical Help Gallery, there is an assembly manual on the Prindle. check out jpg.218, this pic shows how the ring attaches to the hook at the mast head. You can magnify the picture by changing the size at the top right-hand side of the page.

    G-Cat 5.0
  • Thanks for the help. I'm not so much confused by the ring and hook as much as the downhaul setup for securing the sail at the bottom. I saw there was a pic about the boom where you can see the downhaul but the pic is to far away for me to be able to tell what they have the line rigged to.
  • ffbrass, the downhaul on a P18 can be as simple or as
    complicated as your wallet will allow icon_smile

    If you post some pics of what you do have we can be of more
    help. On mine, I had a 8:1 rig with 4 cheek blocks and a
    double block at the main tack. One end tied off at a ring,
    the other in a clam cleat to adjust. But mostly, I "set it
    forget it" on the beach for whatever wind conditions were
    prevalent. On my "new to me" P19 I'm setting up a 8-8:1
    downhaul system that I can adjust trapped out.

    You really can't go by the P18 manual, bad pictures with
    worse descriptions. Not to mention that the previous owners
    all had some sort of modification or simplification "idea".

    Pics of what you have and lets go from there icon_smile

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  • The default P18 setup should have a cheek block on each side of the mast, and a cam cleat below the cheek block on the port side.

    Tie a 3/16" line to the grommet at the base of the sail and bring it down the port side of the mast, inside the rotator. Run the line through the cheek block and back up through the grommet. Now come back down the starboard side, through the cheek block and back up through the grommet again. Finally come back down the port side and cleat it in the cam cleat just below the cheek block. This gives you a 5:1 purchase that works fairly well as a set it and forget it style setup.

    I've modified mine to be a 6:1 that I can adjust from anywhere on the boat; I'll take a pic and post it later. It doesn't work significantly better than stock, though.

    Pile of Nacra parts..
  • Thanks Yudle,

    Thats the description I was looking for. I only have one cheek block though and it needs to be replaced. The cheek block is on the port side but the sheave is missing. Im guessing Ill just have to rivet a new cheek block on each side. Awesome, now that I understand how it works I can figure out how to fix it.
  • This helps me to as I am pretty sure I will need to replace some of my downhaul stuff on the mast. I have several blocked rivets to the mast but none have any rollers in the blocks at all. I don't know if they are just wornout or what I will try to take some pictures.

    Last year I was just where you and the few times I took it out I just pulled tight in the cam cleat or in some cases wound it through the blocks in what seemed right then locked it into the cleat. Not sure if it was right but it will get you on the water for casual sailing.

    I'd like to know more about how this affects general sailing. I lean towards the set and forget way of doing but I don't know how to set for what conditions.

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  • QuarathI'd like to know more about how this affects general sailing. I lean towards the set and forget way of doing but I don't know how to set for what conditions.

    The downhaul (also called a Cunningham)is a micro tuner adjustment. you probably wont see huge differences with it but it is one more way to tune your sails.

    in light to moderate upwind conditions:
    you want to snug it up just enough to remove wrinkles in your mainsail (or flatten the sail a little). If you have no wrinkles... well then just snug it a little.

    In heavy air:
    you want to pull it tight (not so tight you are bleeding from the fingernails). what this does is bend the top of the mast and lets air fall off (up) the top of the sail(less power). Also called inducing twist in the sail.

    This should reduce the "slamming effect" a little when you get hit with a gust as a percentage of the wind will not "grab" the sail and power you up

    Downwind... you can release it or let it out most of the way. The idea here is to create a big pocket for the air to fill the sail with...

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