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16 reasons Sailing is better than sex:

Added by damon on Sep 24, 2002 - 11:30 PM
16 reasons Sailing is better than sex:

1. You don't have to hide your Sailing magazines.
2. It's perfectly acceptable to pay a professional to Sail with you once in a while.
3. The Ten Commandments don't say anything about Sailing.
4. If your partner takes pictures or videotapes of you Sailing your beachcat, you don't have to worry about them showing up on the Internet if you become famous.

Top 10 Worst Things to Hear from a New Crew Member

Added by damonAdmin on Apr 16, 2002 - 02:40 PM
10. Jibsheet? What's that?

9. What do you mean, take off my spiked golf shoes?

8. Wow! We went the whole day without one pictchpo.... AAAAHHHH!!!

7. Let's go get a closer look at those jetskis.

6. Mind if I light up this cigar?

5. Here comes the coastguard. Did I mention I that I have a 10lb bag of cocaine in my shorts?

4. You've had your laugh. Now help me get my head out of the trampoline lacing.

3. We're sure to win. I brought my lucky anvil collection.

2. But... I thought you put the hull plugs in.

1. So... do you trailer with your rudders on or off?