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Sourcing good used H17Sport sail  Bottom

  • Hello H17 sailors. My bro and I purchased a vintage H17 and would like to get it back on the water. The Mainsail is too rough to repair so we are trying to find an original or even plain white. We can do minor repairs and have our own battens so just need sail. We are seniors up in Alberta, Canada. Any ideas?
  • I think hens teeth are easier to find. I've seen 2 on ebay in the last 4 years. Only one was in good condition. They delaminate given enough time. Best bet is to buy a new dacron sail for around $1000 (us). I have a delaminated one you can have (free) but I'm not sure it's worth the shipping cost.
  • I never know whether to add information if it can at all be perceived to be marketing but as a FYI - If you choose to... or have to purchase one new... I recommend you also contact Martin of Somerset Sails (Rochester NY) in your explorations. Martin's an incredibly nice guy and worked on the original F27 SuperFly sails when working for North in San Diego. My H17 Somerset main is carbon (in avatar) and was well under $1000. I'm not sure or saying they are equivalent in performance to what I experience/see from Smyth/Calvert/Whirlwind/sorry if I've left someone off/etc. but Martin's are notably well-made with great materials, computer designed and cut and we have a good history as he previously also made sails for my F24-1 and 2 F25Cs.

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  • I agree with windflower's assessment of laminates... they are replaced because they are delaminating. I would go with a decent dacron sail. The shape of a laminate sail will last longer, but the overall condition of the dacron will last longer. I have worked for a number of sail lofts over the years... just keep in mind, you will get what you pay for; going local or ordering online that comes from overseas.


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  • Place a WTB ad here: https://www.thebeachcats.…6amp-3b-gear-wanted.html
    And here: https://www.hobie.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=10

    Also, there are a lot of H17 sailors in MN, MI, etc. and especially IA. Might be worth your time to check with some fleet contacts: http://hcana.hobieclass.com/hobie-fleets/

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