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  • Anyone have a Seawind 24 they'd like to sell? I've located one in California but I'm hoping to find one closer to me (North Carolina). Prefer one in good shape and with the expanding trailer. Thanks!
  • Hi Paul.
    Kind of wondering why the Seawind 24 specifically? Also have you considered a Stiletto 27? It does everything the Seawind 24 does but is much more common, has better parts support, and is generally cheaper.

    Bonus is that S27 is a bit faster and a much better ride.

    Full disclosure: I own a Stiletto 27 and have spent many hours on a Seawind 24.

    Brad in Jacksonville, FL
    Stiletto 27 (needs work)
    G-Cat 5.7 (sold)
    H-18 (sold)
    H-16 (sold)
  • Thanks Brad. I've seen both and although a Stiletto 27 is also on my "short list" of possible boats, I'd prefer to get a Seawind 24 because of its cruising capabilities.
  • Cool, I get it. The Seawind does have much more useable hull space. I barely ever go into my Stiletto hulls and have never actually slept in them. I do the tent on the tramp thing.

    The only guy I know with a Seawind 24 loves it and says he is never selling it.

    Good luck!

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  • You've probably seen this Seawind 24 in Fresno: https://sacramento.craigs…sailboat/6587646142.html

    I get down around Fresno several times a year... contact me offline if it makes it into serious consideration. Maybe I can look at it for you. From the pictures, it looks well-loved.

    If only Richard Woods' longer tramp cats were available in volume.... I'm neither a fan of condo-marans nor coffin berths.


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  • @Bradinjax - I may do some minor mods to a Stiletto 27 to make it more offshore capable if I can't find a Seawind 24 I like. I'm with you on those condomarans, yuch.
    @Randii - Yeah, that's the one in California I'm talking to. Shipping is the biggest issue, the boat looks pretty nice. I may take you up on the offer to take a look for me.
  • Hey Gobig, not sure if this would interest you but this just posted a day ago, it is similar to a Seawind24 and closer then Cali:
  • Wow!

    Great find on that Malcolm Tenant. The more I look at it the more I like it. The autohelm is a gamechanger. Completely changes how the boat works. I was not really able to singlehand my S27 until I got mine working.
  • Beautiful boat! Those NZ guys do up mid-size cats right! With the updates, that boat is a steal... wish it were a.) transportable or b.) on my coast!

  • Yup, I've been talking to the owner of that Malcolm Tennant 28. Main issue for me is the 20 foot beam and doesn't come with a trailer (beams aren't de-mount-able). I'm a couple days sail from him and if I could find a cheap slip I'd be all over it.
  • If she were on the west coast, I’d be driving to look at it this weekend.

    Since the boat isn’t built to break down, trucking would require crossbars to be cut away and later reassembled. The cost/mechanics of coast-to-coast transport just don't pencil out on vessels in this price range (hiring crewed delivery, dedicated yacht transport, deck transport, etc.).

    Sailing it home with occasional storage and flights there and back would be an interesting year, working working weather windows and dodging hurricanes. Feeding and transporting friends/relatives for crew would ultimately add up as well, but I'd at least enjoy some of that experience.

    Give climate change a few more years and the Northwest passage may become viable. :p

  • Yeah, it would be an easy run down the ICW for me. Believe me, if I found a spot to keep this boat I'd have bought it already.
  • A bit of (unasked for) advice:

    Good dockage is easier to find than a good boat. I dont know where you are exactly in NC but I have spent alot of time in the Albemarle Sound and Pamlico Sound from Harkers Island to Elizabeth City. There is just tons of affordable dockage in that area. Worst case scenario you anchor out for a while until you find something.

    If you go the anchor out route I have some tips as my Stiletto rode out Matthew with 60mph wind and 4 ft of storm surge and Irma with 75mph wind and 10 ft storm surge on a Bahamian mooring.....no damage.

    Best of luck

    Brad in Jax

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  • If you need help getting it down the ICW, I am always looking for excuses to miss work and go sailing. dance
  • "Good dockage is easier to find than a good boat." I guess that depends on what size your boat is.

    I haven't found anywhere here (Beaufort / Morehead City / Swansboro) that has slips for a boat with 20' beam nor even a boat yard that can handle a boat that wide. Believe me, I've looked. I've lined up a free side tie (on a friends property) but that spot is limited (12'-14' max) in beam because the waterway is very narrow. I've also paid for trailer storage and ramp access (because it was a deal I couldn't pass up) but that spot will require keeping the boat on a trailer and stepping / un-stepping the mast each time I launch it (there are power lines in the way).

    FYI, the Malcolm Tennant 28 has been on the market for several months already. I have no doubt that had it come with a trailer it would have sold long ago (and I probably would have been the buyer!). ;)
  • gobigkahunaFYI, the Malcolm Tennant 28 has been on the market for several months already. I have no doubt that had it come with a trailer it would have sold long ago (and I probably would have been the buyer!). ;)

    He's talking about pulling it off the market, if it doesn't move for $20K. I have pencil-ed this out a bunch of different ways, and the transport is what kills it for me. :( The most economical transport involves my truck, a trailer, and a non-trivial bit of composites work.

  • @randii - I've decided that if the boat doesn't come with a trailer it's just not going to work for me.
  • Have you seen this Seawind 24? Indiana is a lot closer to NC than Cali.



  • bradinjaxHave you seen this Seawind 24? Indiana is a lot closer to NC than Cali.




    Thanks Brad. I spoke with that guy when I first started looking. Didn't seem particularly interested in selling his boat when I called him. I'll give him another try. ;)
  • Here is another. He recently dropped his price by 2k.


    I want to see a picture of dodgers on that boat. I cant quite picture it.

    Good luck!

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