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Marco Island FL - March 14-21: "Got Cat?"  Bottom

  • A sailing buddy and I are taking our wives to Marco Island FL March 14-21, 08. I guess I can always rent a Getaway, but I am hoping for something hotter. We have our own PFDs, wetsuits and harnesses. Please advise...
  • Marco Island SUCKS!!!!!!! Went there for a week... hardly any beach access unless you are staying right on the water. 2 beaches for public access, one of which you have to literally wade through a swamp (tiger tail beach) to get to the gulf beach. Very privatized beaches with lots of no tresspassing areas! If there is any way to avoid going there, DO IT!!!!
  • Staying on the water... was told to go toward Naples and look for masts. I was hoping a local would take me out or rent me their cat. I can always knock on doors.

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