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Removing Hobie 16 trampoline in on piece?  Bottom

  • Hi

    Soon it is time to move the Hobie 16 in the ware house for the winter. Door is not wide enough so I need to remove trampoline and hulls.

    Can I do that without loosing trampoline ropes? Just by taking off the nuts and bolts that keep trampoline attached to hulls in the corners? It would just be easier to assemble the boat next summer if the trampoline were ready.

    Temperature in the ware house will get a lot below freezing point. Does that make any difference to way I should store the trampoline?
  • I've had a boat come apart leaving the tramp on the tramp frames, then again I've had to remove the tramp on other boats. I would give it a try and see how it goes, worst thing that can happen is it not working.

    I do not think the subzero weather will bother the tramp
  • As long as the tramp isn't too tight you should be able to take the tramp and crossbars off as one piece, by undoing the bolts in the corner castings and beating them off with a rubber mallet. If the tramp is tight i would loosen the lacing and then give it a try.
    Tom Machette
  • Ok... the boat unassembled. It took ages and about ten million knocks and hits with a mallet to remove a tramp. No other problems. Shall the next summer be here soon :)

    Thank you for advice!

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