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  • What's the story with http://www.aquarius-sail.com/catamarans/index.htm ARC Cats? Anyone every sailed one?
  • Supercats...We have one on our beach. Never sailed on her but super expensive and beautifully made. However very delicate and definately not suited for dragging accross sand and pebbles.
  • i have sailed on the 19' many times... capsized 2x on it too! (as crew). I sail with a guy who has a nice 17' with all the extras (self tacking jib, front tramp).... and there are a few others here with then.. they rock

    they are nice.. sail very well (with or without boards... same design).. and are both tanks and delicate. i have seen a 21' (it was gynormous) rip out its transoms on a reef....they have very heavy masts
  • I grew up sailing an early 80's Supercat 20. It is a great boat in the right situations. It is big, wide (12' beam) and stable. I love to sail on it, but it takes a long time to setup from a trailer and is heavy for a beach cat. Never sailed a newer ARC, but was on Lake Michigan last summer when someone had an ARC22 out and it was fast. They are wet boats, lost of spray.

    ‘92 H18 w/SX wings
    ‘95 Hobie Funseeker 12 (Holder 12)
    ‘96/‘01 Hobie Waves
  • here is a pic of the huge one i saw with its transom ripped off

  • Never been on any of the ARC cats, but I have gotten to see the RC27 in action, and wow!!! That boat will absolutely scream off the wind. Agree with above, the bigger ones look like Tornados on steroids.

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