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HOBIE 18 WINGS  Bottom

  • I have a chance to buy a set of H18 magnum wings, just was wondering what the going rate for a set of wings are these days?
  • dont have a clue.. but they sure are nice to have
  • Anyway to do a search of past classifieds on this site? Anyway, from what I hear they are not exactly growing on trees these days so if they are in good shape you may not have a whole lot of leverage.
  • Hi All:

    I had a disaster in Hurricane Omar and stbd wing seat ripped off. The struts alone are $250 each new replacement cost. I would be willing to pay $150 plus shipping for 2 struts so parts alone are valuable.


    mav41379I have a chance to buy a set of H18 magnum wings, just was wondering what the going rate for a set of wings are these days?

  • I am looking at a HC 18 this weekend, that I believe has no wings.
    I have not seen the wings on a Hobie, except from afar, and wonder what is so special about them: couldn't a competent metal shop manufacturer wings? Or could wings from another Hobie series be adapted?
    If a shop was willing to build the wings, maybe a group buy could be coordinated?
  • I am looking for a set of wings for an early Hobie 18. I would interested in a group going in on building, plans to build, used ones. Anything to get a set back on my boat.
  • All I can say on the H18 wings is they are damn expensive. I bought an 18 with the magnum wings and was able to sell those for $1100. Very expensive because Hobie does not make them anymore, only the SX wings, which are still very pricey. As far as building your own wings, could work, or it could follow Murphy's Law. It has to be very strong though to be safe.
  • These things are highly engineered that's why they are expensive. They are weight bearing and subject to some pretty severe tourque forces under sail. I've seen em break too. I'd agree, build you own and Mr. Murphy will visit you soon. Perhaps someone will get hurt.

    I'd say this is somewhat similar to the home made vs. factory made beach wheels debate. Yes they are expensive but they work perfectly and are rugged.

    If you want a set, be prepared to shell out the $$$$$. I wish I could put them on my Nacra!
  • Larry, Murray's used to sell wing kits for nacras... if you really want em' i would call them and see if they still have any... (they don't seem to be in the catalog anymore)
  • Are SX18 wings not suitable for older Hobie 18s? I have a 2007-2008 Hobie Accessory catalog and these things are listed both as a unit (page 32) and for parts (page 59).
  • I believe the SX wings can be retrofitted for older Hobie 18's, but this would involve structural strengthening plates under the crossbeams and reinforcing anchor points for the wings. Again, this is not a cheap option for the 18, but a comfortable one (not a good performance addition). If you are really serious about wings, you could always build something to the effect of what is on the Hobie Fx. It has an extended trampoline past the hulls maybe 2 feet and is at an angle. It is supported by small beams from the crossbeams I believe.

    What would be really interesting is to try this with windsurf mast sections for the carbon beams, and retrofit trampoline material, kind of like a sling raised at a 30 degree angle going out from the boat.

    I guess my belief is that unless you purely desire comfort and more room for people on board, then by all means go with wings, but if you are looking at the performance spectrum, then ditch the wings and invest in good trapeze gear.

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