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more hull refinishing, HELP! so I can get started LOL  Bottom

  • read a few threads but figured a new one was in order, here we go-

    I have a Prindle 16 in excellent shape, I store my baby inside too. The hulls are a faded blue on top, so I have already started sanding. My plan is to sand them smooth of non-skid & re-paint. An all white boat would be slick but I bet the lower side will stick out, since it is faded white. (no dings though)

    how should I finish the top surfaces once they are sanded smooth? Also, on the small dings up top what should be done to repair those right? My friend claimed that P-tex is a good fix for fiberglass with dings.

    I am not against going with a colored top surface, I just want to the top of the boat to look great again. She's been sitting in the basement all winter, I need to get my azz in gear so she can shine for the spring.

    thanks all.

    P.S. figured that 3m marine fiberglass cleaner & wax could be used on the undersides...yay nay?

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  • Marine tex will fill the dents... but micro-balloons are better. They are mixed in fiberglass resin and form a paste that us a lot like drywall mud...only red.

    The choice of paint comes next. Awgrip is hands down the toughest and best. It is also proportionally expensive. Once down that road... you have to pretty much stick with their chemistry. However... I did prime my cat with another primer and it worked great despite awgrip telling me different.

    ALWAYS use a fiberglass cleaner before painting in case someone was silly enough to wax the boat.

    I painted my 5.7 G Cat for about $250.00 worth of awgrip chemistry.
  • ok, i have my paint &color chosen. thanks for the input deepsees.

    my next dilemna is replacing the top of the hulls with a similar texture to the non-slip I sanded off. isn't there a way to paint on a texture similar to griptape?
  • you could put on some re-dek after you paint the hulls. haven't used it myself but my windsurf buddies have used it and they like it.

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