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Another P-19 dagger board Question !  Bottom

  • A constant flood of water almost like a rooster tail flows from my dagger board well when sailing very fast .Whats going on there & how can I stop the flow ... It cuts down on the speed & I get very wet !
    BIll , Brooklyn NY
  • Bill,
    First question is it only one particularly side (port or starboard) that is doing this? It sounds like you have a problem. Some will recommend that you tape, carpet, or seal the daggerboard wells (trunk)but that will not fix the true issue. The two main causes of this is hulls out of alignment or a trunk out of alignment from the factory. Align your hulls and see if it goes away. If not, mark your boards and reverse them in each hull and see if you notice a difference, and try other boards (don't skip this step) if you have access to some. If you determine that one side is suspect, watch the behavior when sailing. The suspect side will shoot water up the trunk when it is the leeward hull. Fly the suspect hull to windward and fly it just off the water in flat calm waters. The boat should be fairly tuned and balanced. You should see a clean entry into the water. If you see a rooster tail off the trailing edge pay attention to if it is toed in or out. At this point you will have learned alot as to what the cause probably is. The short answer is if you have a trunk misaligned in the hull the fix is not easy. It happens more than people think and most boat owners never discover it in the more minor cases.

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  • I agree with philip but i have a few solutions if it is misaligned in the hull and you dont want to / cant fix that

    1 wear a snorkel
    2 you can purchase centerboard slot tape from layline.com and glue it on top to close up the board well opening...
  • You never mentioned the position of the boards or your point of sail when this happens. Are they all the way down and sailing upwind or are they partially up or all the way up and are you sailing down wind ?
  • Thanks for the responses to my question about
    rooster tail from daggerboard well. It only happened a few times when sailing to windward on a starboard tack. I suspect the board was not pushed down or up all the way?? . Your responses will give me a few places to start my search for correction ! Thanks for your thoughts ... Bill

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