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  • in case you haven't seen this... here is a fun video of my catamaran and a twin Mystere 5.5 battling it out in the Hurricane Pass into the Gulf of Mexico.

    I am not at the helm, i am the film crew... PLEASE no need to mention the PDF's, and the fact the skipper is sipping a beer... we are adults and know the risks

    PS there is a button on the lower right hand corner of the player for High Quality...



    edited by: andrewscott, Oct 31, 2008 - 11:59 AM
  • Excellent! You guys have some fun.

    What were you using to film this?

    Damon Linkous
    1992 Hobie 18
    Memphis, TN

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  • OK Andrew Three comments...Love the beer holder..Where did you find it? Glad to see you have your priorities straight. Two: very brave with that video camera. Three; That's sailing!

  • COOL VID.... Andy~~~ ''you rock''
    I wanna go sailin, but its to cold here in the N.Y.S.

    ~ Vietnam Vet 69-71~ 17 Hobie w/big jib, ~18 Hobie mag,~DN Ice sailor,
    and other toys.......
    ~~ I live in NY state on the north shore of Oneida lake in
    Bernhards Bay. ~~~~~~
  • Ohhhh.... my cup holder! lol.... I have had so many comments on that part of the video....

    I don?t see any close up pics on my site but here is the scoop... I am on my 5th generation of cup holder design / location.

    Mark 1 - (as seen in the video) are drink holders that are electrical taped (and I also use electrical ties) to the side stay. They slide down the stay and leave black tape rez that gets on your hands. - http://www.basspro.com/we…_100767____SearchResults

    Mark II - I put a bead on the stays (like the ones on Hobie forestays) to stop the cup holder from sliding down. This worked except the crimping damaged a few strand of the stay and I feared that in the event of a capsize I would lose and eye, ear, nose or get my face shredded on the bead or cup.

    Mark III - I run the side stays through 1.5" pvc pipes (about 1' high) and attach the cup. This worked pretty well but looked very ghetto. The pipe would jam on the vinyl stay covers and i would lose drinks. i hated the thought of losing bottles in the ocean. I think 2" would have worked better... but I couldn?t live with the ghetto pipes on my beautiful cat...

    Mark IV - I took the cup holders off the stays. This was convenient on the wire, but had to many issues and wasn't so great when not on the wire, also I lost too many bottles.

    I put the cup holders on my beam. I didn?t need to drill a hole as there was a little place for it under my outhaul cleat. It works fine; I almost never lose a drink... I am off the wire more often than not and I don?t need to move my drink in a tack....

    MK VI - back to the drawing board.... my cup holder on the boom fouled me dousing the spin last week and i shrimped it real bad.. had to cut the spin halyard/douse line ... just bought 90 feet on new line and spent a few hours rigging it today (along with other needed work)!

    Soooooo i went to walmart.. purchased 4 plastic car cup holders for $1.99 and cut them down a little and used electric ties to secure them to the side stays.... they work, are not in the way... are cheap and will last many months if not all year.

  • damonAdminExcellent! You guys have some fun.

    What were you using to film this?

    Thanks, i have no idea what kind of camera my friend has. it is an underwater still and video camera
  • man, thats some great footage. i saw the other vid of yours with a little gin and juice...love it. that ones on my ipod...lol. good stuff man!
  • cheers
  • Well any way looks like fun. Still not relaxed enough on my Nacra to risk a cocktail or three but perhaps next summer. I think my real issue is Lake MI however and its potential for unwelcome surprises when ones guard is down. I miss those steady ocean breezes. (Don't miss the washdowns and maintenance) We save the cocktails for our 5:00 beach wind downs which have become a much enjoyed summer tradition.
  • we only get steady ocean breezes when out in the gulf with a westerly wind... we sail more often in the intra coastal and get gusts from condos, hotels and trees. it keeps us on our toes... we also get squall lines out of nowhere... and in the summer pop up thunderstorms.... but i love it!
  • Nice video!

    that's some skill, being able to steer with a beer!
  • OK that pretty much sums up westerlies off the Chicagoland coast!

    Looks to me that on that day you folks were out on the gulf in a westerly breeze. Corrrect?

    Our best days of lazy trapeze riding, flying a hull nice and smooth, nothing but fun, think I'll have a beer, are steady from the SE.
  • we were sailing out into the gulf through Hurricane Pass... i think it was a north/westerly since i think we were heading due west... It looks like it was blowing about 12 or 13
  • It looked great! My idea of a fine afternoon.

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