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Cracked Hull  Bottom

  • I just bought a Nacra 5.2 last weekend and sailed it for the first time the other day. It was perfect, I'm so glad I got it. But, sometime on the way home the hull got a 4-5 inch crack in it. I did a quick patch on it the other day so I could sail but now I'm looking for a more permanent fix. Should I try and tackle this on my own or is it time to seek professional help? Any suggestions? icon_confused
  • Where is the crack?
  • more details needed... and pics.

    where is the crack, what is your level of experience with fiberglass and gelcoat... do you have a local repair shop that can do it?
  • Fiberglass isn't complicated, but it's time consuming and it requires some craftsmanship to make your repair strong and get a good finish. Are you good with your hands? If so, I'd just fix it as long as the crack isn't in a major load bearing area. Where is the crack at?
  • The crack is on the outside of the right pontoon, between the front tip and the first cross bar. I'll see if I can get some pictures for you guys this weekend.
  • These cracks need to be removed in an oval shaped cut. This method is used to repair corvettes. Tape a piece of plastic sheet over the cracked area and use it as a "mold" of that area of the hull to get the right shape.

    Glass over the sheet with fiberglass till it is about one inch bigger than the oval area to be cut. Let it harden and then peel the plastic off.

    Sand the interior of the hull about an inch around the oval edges. Sand the outer edges of the molded shape too.

    In the center of the formed fiberglass molded shape, drill two small holes 1 inch apart, just big enough to accept dental floss. This floss will be used to pull the oval into a secure contact position.

    Wet the inside of the hull where the oval will seat with mixed resin. Do the same with the oval shaped glass and then carefully insert (turned on edge) the oval into the hull's interior and used the floss to pull it and seat it. You can stand there till it hardens while holding the floss or use some kind of brace (bigger than the oval cut) to secure the floss to with outward tension applied at all times.

    Let the resin harden. Pull the floss out. Start laying on additional glass as needed to fill the hole to be flush with the surface. Sand and paint as needed.

    The floss is tough and will not snap like thread. The idea is to glass from the inside out. I had an 18 inch fracture. Using this method, you cannot tell where I repaired the hull.

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