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Internal Barber Hauler  Bottom

  • The Good News: I am the proud new owner of a slightly used Prindle 19.

    The Bad News: The Owners Manual from Performance Cats sux root.

    After having searched all throughout the forums I think I have the 4-way
    Jib controls figured out. With one exception. At some point in time a
    previous owner installed the barber hauler system that runs INSIDE
    the front cross beam. For the life of me I can find no information on
    how this thing is rigged.

    Can someone here help me out?

    Lead me to the info?

    Shoot me in the head??
  • My G-Cat has an internal barber hauler in it too. Mine has a two line system. The hauler for the starboard side attaches to the jib, runs through the fore beam and comes out the opposite end... as does the port side opposite. To pull the jib out to starboard, the line coming out of the port side is used, there should be a cleating or attachment to secure it. Same for the port side.

    I prefer a rail and locking car system. But this works too.

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