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Autumn Sailing....Cold  Bottom

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  • NO WADERS!!!! You'll be a corpse on the bottom! They'll fill and pull you down like an anchor. I looked at dry suits and was shocked at the price. A good pair of Boots can be had from Murrays and Sierra Trading Post is a great place for deals on all this stuff. One other point, we use Kayaker life vests. They work really well with Trap gear and have lots of pockets.
  • I know waders are not good choice for deep water.. but i sail in shallow waters... plus i would make sure to have quick release straps to get out of them if need be.

    Also i would always wear pfd and use an elastic (or bungee) around the waist to help keep water out...
  • Those things are dangerous if you slip and fall fly fishing. Anyway, I'd go with a thick wetsuit, boots and a windshell.

  • I think I'm goin to go with the wetsuit at this point. Cheaper and probably as efective for the sailing conditions here. I just ordered 5mm boots and gloves, now just gotta find the suit so sailing will take place Friday. Thanks for the many suggestions.
  • Hey YellowHulls,
    Are you going sailing on Friday? I'm in Peoria, Il. and sail a Hobie 14 on the upper lake. hmmmmm

  • Finally, another cat sailor on the boards here near me!!!I'm gonna try to sail, but the weather forecast isn't looking too promising. Rain (or possibility of) Thursday through Sunday. I'll still try to go in the rain though, maybe. icon_wink
    We definitely need to sail together, unfortunately I don't know if it will be this year, unless you like the cold stuff.
  • Where do you sail? I've sailed a monohull for 30 years and just made the move to a Hobie this year. Its either pitchpoled or capsized me more times than I care to count.

  • I typically sail on Lake Springfield, but sometimes venture down to Lake Carlyle where the sailing is epic.
    Congrats on embracing the dark side icon_evil with your Hobie.
    I was that way when I first started to cat sail, almost 10 years ago now.
    How do you like the speed compared to mono's icon_wink
    Where do you sail at?
  • I sail on the Illinois River, usually by National Marine. My main problem is when I get a gust of wind I instinctively run, then I pitchpole. Can't seem to break myself of the habit. Maybe some dunkings in cold water will cure it.

    The speed seems to good to be true. Very cool.
  • I would think river sailing is the hardest venue of cat sailing. The currents and wind gusts would be really annoying and challenging.
    Yeah, the Hobie 14 is a blast in the heavy stuff (only time I ever sailed one), but I was flying along very fast. Doubt I could sail it now with my 6'5" frame, probably just submerge the sterns. icon_biggrin
  • Hey yellowhulls, did you forget about me? I'm not too far from you. I was also wanting to go sailing today, Friday Oct 23, temps outside now are 46F, I already have a 3mm wetsuit and booties (which I kept from my surfing days), but even that is not enough to inspire me. The sun is trying to make it out from behind the clouds, not too successfully, wind chill factor is keeping temps to around 42F. Thomas Hill Lake is used by a power plant which recycles the water after use keeping the water warm even in winter. I'm just going to have to get motivated, maybe

    G-Cat 5.0
  • QuoteFinally, another cat sailor on the boards here near me!!!

    Forgive me Robert. Columbia, MO is close in the whole scheme of things.
    Yeah, right now here the weather couldn't be much worse, lots of rain and 47F. Friday the forecast is cold and more rain icon_frown but I will still try to brave it. Lake Springfield has a coal power plant and does the same thing with recycling water, too bad I sail about 1 mile from the plant, so the water on the main body of the lake is never heated by the plant.
    I think we all might have to face the inevitable and de-rig and store the cats for the winter. icon_eek

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