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  • Copter flew over the wife and me back in early Sept. I went on the site and entered my info. You can't see the pics. You order and pay for what you want to keep, send rest back. Got three huge 16X20 prints today via UPS..but WOW do they want a pile of cash! $500 for the three! then they want $500 for one file. Guess that chopper costs a lot to run. I wish it had been blowing harder, a bit more drama would be good.. But the quality is amazing.

    Anyway I think I'll keep and frame. They are pretty cool.
  • i have a good friend who works for a spar shop. he said the copter flew over him while he was on a monohull that had capsized and he was standing on the keel of a million dollar boat.

    He called them and they said if he wasn't the skipper, he couldnt afford the pics. He said how much and they wouldn't even tell him....
  • Strange. Wonder if they adjust their fees accordingly!

    There was a day last summer when the wind was cranking. We had two on the traps and me as pilot. We were ripping and passed a couple on a 16 who fired off a bunch of shots from a pretty serious looking camera before they fell away. Wish I had those shots!
  • I love taking and posting sailing pics. Larry have you seen my online collection?
  • Great content. When I get back from my travels I intend to post some Glencoe beach sailing shots. What camera do you use? I imagine something weatherproof. I need to get one.

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