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My hull cracked in half! What should I do now? Hobie 17?  Bottom

  • Hello folks! Last Saturday I was on a blistering beam reach with my crew on the wire, when SNAP! My port hull cracked all the way in half right in front of the tramp, letting the mast loose and sending my crew for a nice swim. It was a grand end to 34 years of excellent Hobie 16 service.

    So, my question is, what should I get next?

    I've been wanting more performance, and I prefer to sail alone so I'm thinking about a Hobie 17. I'm not sure if a 17 is actually faster than a 16 though because I've never sailed a 17. Does anyone know how the Hobie 17s compare to the Hobie 16s in speed and performance?

    Any advice would be much appreciated!
  • Sorry to hear about you break, but it sounds like your H16 lived a long and good life. RIP

    The Hobie 17 is definitely faster than the H16 IF you are less than about 180 pounds and sail the boat single handed as designed.

    The Hobie 17 slows down faster than most beachcats when carrying more weight than designed. It can still be fun with more weight, just won't be as fast as it can be.

    Let us know what you get.

    Damon Linkous
    1992 Hobie 18
    Memphis, TN

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  • I sail with a gal who ROCKS the H17... seems like a good boat, but doesnt surf well at all.. if you are in the ocean than i would consider that.

    There are spare hulls around if you wish to repair...

    really your location / conditions / other boats around (to race class) should be big parts of that decision...

    I like the F-16, F-18 class boats but sail a mystere 5.5 it is great 1 or 2 up... very boyant, powerful but parts are a pain to get.. and has some construction flaws (and terrible company support).
  • Thanks for some great advice guys! This is exactly the kind of stuff I want to know!
  • By the way, here's what it looks like, for those who would like to see.

  • If you want to sail solo most of the time, I would definitely get a Hobie 17. They are fast (They love high winds) and many parts are available for them. However, the Hobie 17 doesn't have very much hull flotation so in waves and chop the performance suffers some. Another option depending on your weight and location (Waves, wind...)is to just solo sail a Hobie 16. Also, maybe a Hobie 14T would be a good next boat, especially for solo sailing. They are numerous and a blast to sail. More expensive options are available too though, like the FXone, Inter 17, and the Stealth from Britain.
  • Same thing happened to my friends 16... they get old & weak, yer hulls had ''ripples'' in it and soft too !! Well ''snit'' happens... I have a Hobie 17 & 18 mag.My 17 has a 'super jib' and it does like wind~ lots of it. I usually sail it by myself, but if my girl goes with me it does slow down alot~~ more of a one-man cat.
    Andrew is right, lots of hulls out there. Get 2, do both hulls... If ya want people to go with ya, get a 18... the ride is great !!!!!! icon_wink

    ~ Vietnam Vet 69-71~ 17 Hobie w/big jib, ~18 Hobie mag,~DN Ice sailor,
    and other toys.......
    ~~ I live in NY state on the north shore of Oneida lake in
    Bernhards Bay. ~~~~~~
  • Oh, and thats my 17 on the left icon_wink

    ~ Vietnam Vet 69-71~ 17 Hobie w/big jib, ~18 Hobie mag,~DN Ice sailor,
    and other toys.......
    ~~ I live in NY state on the north shore of Oneida lake in
    Bernhards Bay. ~~~~~~
  • Thanks again guys! Your advice is helping a lot with making an informed decision. I appreciate it!

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