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  • The French are at it again. This time around the world single handed on their 100 foot trimarans.

    http:// https://www.arkea…timchallengebrest.com/en
  • Anybody following this?
    They just turned to cross the South Atlantic and head to the Cape of Good Hope.
  • 3 in the Southern Ocean.
    3 in Cape Town for repairs.
  • Remember that storm that went thru here the last week or so. Well, it kept going across the North Atlantic.

    ARKÉA ULTIM CHALLENGE-Brest race leader Charles Caudrelier and the ULTIM Maxi Edmond de Rothschild have been in the Azores port of Horta since Wednesday morning waiting for storm Louis to leave the Bay of Biscay and a weather window to open to allow him to complete the final 1200 miles of the 24,400 nautical miles solo multihull race around the world which started on January 7th

    Louis is the name given to a very large active Atlantic depression which is currently sweeping Europe, from the south of Ireland to Lisbon. Louis is more 1000 miles wide and almost 2000 miles from west to east. The leading edge of the depression has been buffeting Finistère, Morbihan and inland Brittany while Louis’ tail is still smacking the coasts of Greenland. Winds are averaging 35-45kts at the front of the system – more like 45-55 towards its centre and the waves are between nine and 13 metres. More here.
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  • The Maxi Edmond de Rothschild skippered by Charles Caudrelier has finished in 50 days 19 hours 7 minutes, 42 seconds at an average speed of 23.74 knots over an actual distance of 28,938 miles. 5th fastest around the world. The fastest 4 were crewed.

    Hip Hop Hooray!

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