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Sea Spray 15 Trampoline  Bottom

  • Recently purchased a Sea Spray 15. After the purchase I noticed the trampoline stitching was coming apart around the center tube. Looking to replace the trampoline or get the stitching fixing. Anyone have any recommendations? The trampoline is a single piece and I have noticed pictures of other Sea Sprays that have two piece trampolines. Any recommendations on one piece compared to two piece trampolines as would be greatly appreciated.

    Sea Spray 15 | Hobie 15
    West Virginia
  • The last Sea Spray 15 trampoline we manufactured (at Salt City Sailing) the owner switched from a 1 piece to a 2 piece design. Its easier to get the trampoline tighter year after year when they lace down the center. If the material on your trampoline is still good, it may be ok to have it restitched. When we restitch trampolines, we always ask our customers to power wash the trampoline first. A New trampoline from us runs $370 (through 2024) delivered in black mesh. a restitch by a local upholstery shop should run you $40-$120, be sure they use polyester thread over nylon to last in the sun. Sail shops will also be able to repair, costs may be on the higher end. But, ..... if the trampoline material is degrading a replacement may better. Best Ben Saltcitysailing.com
  • a 3 to 5 inch gap

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