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  • I got a gift card from a non-sailor friend for $100 at West Marine and I'm kind of struggling as to what to purchase with it.

    Sure I could purchase line, but my boat is only a year old and I'm not having any chafe issues.
    I made my own trailer box (out of wood) and I'd love to get a real fiberglass one, but $100 doesn't really get there, and I don't think West Marine would have something like that in any case.

    At any rate, I'm not sure what to do with the gift and would love to hear some ideas.
  • Quotemaybe a hat

    I also got a hat for Christmas. This is going to be hard. I wonder if they have a nice pair of non-slip water shoes for when I'm on the trapeze...
  • QuoteI wonder if they have a nice pair of non-slip water shoes for when I'm on the trapeze...

    I'm sure they do. The ones that grip really good may leave black marks. Try to get ones that sand won't get in too much. I sometimes just go barefoot. How about a waterproof cell phone case? Anyway, what's the rush?

    Bill Townsend
    G-Cat 5.0
  • I have gotten where I prefer the long sleeve "fishing" shirts with air vents for sailing. There is typically a clearance rack you can grab some decent deals.. If you go for water shoes, make sure they tie on. I have gone to Converse shoes... they tie on and actually have better deck grip on most decks (keelboats). I had lost a shoe from being sucked off my foot while on the wire. Gloves are also a good idea.. They also sell the Multihull magazine which can be a good read. Or, get a good knife.. Should always have a knife on you... When you browse around.. there is quite a bit of things you can drop $100 on...


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