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Because we sail, we listen to Jimmy Buffett  Bottom

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3cDU-J8UlI

    Edited by jack108136 on Sep 03, 2023 - 09:45 AM.
  • Wow - you a brave man.

    When it comes to music, I'm as serious as a sucking chest wound, so that's like talking American politics.

    I hate Jimmy Buffett and all that "soft rock" crap like cancer.

    If you're not about being literal...


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    Southern Alberta and all over the damn place.
    1981 SuperCat 20 "Roberts' Rockets"
    1983 SuperCat 19
    TriFoiler #23 "Unfair Advantage"
    Mystere 17
    Unicorn A-Class (probably made by Trowbridge) that I couldn't resist rescuing at auction.
    H18 & Zygal (classic) Tornado - stolen and destroyed - very unpleasant story.
    Invitation and Mistral and Sunflower and windsurfers w/ Harken hydrofoils and god knows what else...
  • At least you've got good taste in boats.
  • Can we agree on no Christopher Cross.
  • QuoteI hate Jimmy Buffett and all that "soft rock" crap like cancer.

    Are we morphing into music critics now? If so, here goes. I agree somewhat with the above quote. Sailing a small catamaran is a whole different vibe than cruising in a monohull. "Sparks" by the Who off the album "Tommy" captures the feeling pretty well. But if you want to dig deep, try "Cat's Squirrel" by Blodwyn Pig off the album, "All Said and Done". It starts slow, (Imagine raising the sails and getting out through the shore break.) and then as the boat starts to really go, it transitions into this really kick-ass rhythm that'll blow your mind.

    Bill Townsend
    G-Cat 5.0
  • jack108136Can we agree on no Christopher Cross.

    Damn straight.
  • jack108136Is Little Feat OK?


    Little Feat is fine. Even all these years after Lowell George assumed room temperature, the band still has his pedigree, and even a cranky old prog bastard like me gives respect for the time he spent with Zappa and playing for John Cale.
  • And I've straddled the fence on The Beach Boys: Sail On, Sailor is a terrific track, while Sloop John B. sucks sweaty goat...
  • I enjoy Jimmy's music! And Little Feat, Spearhead, Kenny Chesney's ripoffs of Buffett's music...
    When I'm blasting around Wisconsin lakes, looking forward to a cold beer when I dock, I feel almost like I'm in the island vibe Jimmy presents.
  • Love Buffett, Little Feat, CSNY...

    For the record, Sloop John B. - "the song stems from an old Bahamian folk song about the Sloop John B. In 1647, there was a colony in the Bahamas where a Welshman named John Bethel lived. He built a sloop, a 16 foot vessel that carries a crew of five."
    The Beach Boys vacationed in Bahama and decided to record the song.

    Sheet In!
    Prindle 18-2 #244 "Wakizashi"
    Prindle 16 #3690 "Pegasus" Sold (sigh)
    AZ Multihull Fleet 42 member
    (Way) Past Commodore of Prindle Fleet 14
    Arizona, USA
  • Good story. Still doesn't make the song not suck.

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