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  • Hi! Brand new small cat sailor here, just embarking on this journey. I'm trying to learn if and how one can store and get launch help on the western side of the Chesapeake. I live near Baltimore and have no space at all for a boat trailer, but want to be able to get out sailing without paying to rent each time. Does anyone have a recommendation for a marina or outfit that can store the boat and per her in and out of the water? Does such an enterprise exist for little boats like these?
  • Google "dry boat storage yards west side of Chesapeake bay" to find locations where you can store it on the trailer, preferably mast up with other sailboats.
    Herrington Harbour and Harbour Cove popped up.
    Is everything a "harbour" on the east coast?
    Here in the desert we have a harbor or two, but mostly dirt.

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  • West River Sailing Club has a fleet of catamarans, mast up storage, and a launching area.
  • Even though you would have the trailer near the ramp, beachwheels may make things easier, consider them if you didn't already:
    Its quite easy to take the boat in and out of the trailer without moving the trailer, and then launch the cat very quickly, no need to take your car, launch the boat, tie it somehow while you drive the trailer back and park your car. Just launch the boat with the wheels and leave them on the beach. You may be able to skip the line of trailers waiting for their turn. During lunch or for multiple days, you can leave the boat on the wheels, no need to put it back on the trailer.
  • mikekrantzWest River Sailing Club has a fleet of catamarans, mast up storage, and a launching area.

    That place has LOTS of cats and active members. I hooked up with John Geiger for a day last on his Inter 20 last summer and had a great time.

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