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New to me 2015 Nacra F16  Bottom

  • Bought a place with beach access to Lake Michigan. Thinking my Inter 20 is a bit much without experienced crew to sail on a regular basis, or solo, so started looking for a second boat. Found a very lightly used 2015 Nacra F16. Couple of questions for anyone that has experience with the platform.

    1. Fixed the recall notice that I found searching for information on the internet. Placed a spacer in the mast base to stop it from compressing on itself. Anyone know of any other fixes/upgrades that should be done to the stock boat?
    2. The aluminum on the daggerboard slots seems to be a bit rough and I am afraid use may scrape up the boards. Is this normal and/or should I try to smooth them out?
    2. Have the straight boards. Are the curved worth the upgrade? Any advice on the daggerboard slot positions for the curved boards?


    Steve Schoen
    Holland MI
    2000 Nacra Inter 20
    2015 Nacra F16
  • Hi Steve,
    I have 2013 Nacra F16 as well but was only sold in 2015. It's been a very good boat and fun to sail. Though I still have issues solo righting it.

    #1. haven't heard about the recall on the mast base but I bought mine used as well and might already have been fixed.

    #2. I don't recall any aluminum on the daggerboard slots. Mine looks like HDPE (high density polyethylene) pieces that holds the boards down in the slots.

    #3. Make sure to secure your boards as I lost one when I tipped the boat and they were already taken out of the slots. Anyway, while I was working with Nacra in the Netherlands, they stated that curved wouldn't fit in my year. And on top, these are pretty expensive to buy.
  • Thanks, thinking my boat has the newer daggerboard cassettes.

    Link follows for the mast base issue.


    It's for Nacra 16's built after 2014 and Nacra 15 boats.

    Steve Schoen
    Holland MI
    2000 Inter 20
    2015 Nacra F16

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