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nacra 5.2 jib upgrades?  Bottom

  • greetings. I was thinking about getting a Hobie 18 the last couple summers and then found a nacra 5.2 last week at a "can't not buy it" price. needs only a jib. mainsail is not the squarehead type but is in great condition and is not rainbow, if I see a square top main I know this is probably one of the best upgrades for the boat in terms of top speed

    does anyone have a nacra 5.2 or compatible jib kicking around that they want to sell me for cheap?

    does anyone know of an upgrade jib for the nacra 5.2? maybe something that would increase planing characteristics without hurting upwind sailing too much? Hobie 18 jib probably work ok?

    I recall reading that the short jib, i.e. not overlapping the main, improved pointing of the boat

  • whoops how to I delete or move to appropriate forum. sorry. this is not an event
  • Standard 5.2 jib is plenty big. I may have a spare I’ll check when I’m back home next weekend. Honestly almost any jib for a 16 ft or larger will do. The purpose of the jib on a 5.2 is note to guide air over the main than actual propulsion. I run my 5.2 without a jib solo all the time. But it’s a bit harder to tack that way. I run my 5.7 with a 5.2 jib all the time and don’t notice much difference.

    Dave Bonin
    1981 Nacra 5.2 "Lucile"
    1986 Nacra 5.7 "Belle"
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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