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  • After bending the mast in an accident, I am looking for a mast for an Nacra Infusion F18. I was wondering the interchangeability of F18 masts? Specifically if a Falcon F18 Mast would fit on a Infusion.
  • It’s been a few years since I looked at either one of those. I believe the infusion and the falcon use different mast step designs. It would require some tinkering.

    You should have the option to order a blank mast tube, and transfer all your hardware over.

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  • I wouldn't recommend changing the mast, you would have to change hardware and somehow fit an Infusion mast base on a falcon mast. Also, none of the F18s really have the same mast bends, so it wouldn't work as well with your sail. You're best off buying a new or used infusion mast. Sam Carter in MD may have a used F18 mast, not sure where you are.
  • Near the bay area, CA. Although I can arrange shipping. What would be the best way to get a hold of Sam?

    I would just buy blank section but it seems like NACRA does not have any in the states, and they have been extremely unreceptive to my emails.

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  • Hi PT,

    Sam chiming in here. I do have a spare Infusion/Evolution mast here in MD, but at the moment it is spoken for as a spare for a 2024 Worrell team. Also, the logistics to getting this to you in CA are not trivial; fast forward freight might be able to do a terminal to terminal transfer for a reasonable price, but there are still headaches associated with getting a rig packed up and delivered to them. I mention it more so as Nacra might have a rig in Indiana that could be shipped to you, or a dealer on the west coast might have one (West Coast Sailing maybe?).

    I’ll send you a PM for a good Nacra contact.

    As to the Cirrus rig, this is actually a great fit for an Infusion as the bend characteristics of the mast are very very close between the Nacra rig and the Cirrus rig (I’ve measured them, would happily swap between the two in a time of need). The trouble is the Nacra base won’t fit inside the Cirrus mast, so you’ll need to get creative and adapt the Cirrus base to the Nacra ball. Another suggestion is to make a base from G10 and use the Nacra 20 Carbon flat plate ball adapter fitting; it’s the same ball, and the rest of that base is a flat plate of carbon.
  • I am thinking about asking an extruder to do a run of F18 masts. Does anyone have an engineering drawing of an F18 mast?
  • Nacra does have masts in a warehouse in Virginia, but it would be $2,800 USD plus around $2,000-$2,500 shipping to the West Coast. I'm the Northeast Nacra dealer and would happily facilitate selling you one, but that would be an expensive mast! We may be able to get one on a trailer to F18 North Americans and then on a trailer to California, but that is not until September.
    Feel free to message me at info@recmarinesales.com if I can help.
  • wildtsail around $2,000-$2,500 shipping to the West Coast.

    Wowzer, the rates must have really gone up. I shipped Prindle 18 mast to Limerick, PA from CA right before Covid hit for about $450.00, which included $1000 of insurance.

    Of course, I had to disassemble it, box everything up, wrap stuff with bubble wrap, and deliver it to the shipping facility, but still.

    John Schwartz
    Ventura, CA
  • What part of Virginia is the warehouse? I’m in Raleigh NC and then Chesapeake VA through the weekend with my trailer and could bring a mast back to North FL for someone.
  • I would love to grab one from NACRA, although their prices are indeed steep. I wonder if any will show up after the Worrell, spares unused? I would much rather get a used one for a more reasonable price.
  • pt_pinosI would love to grab one from NACRA, although their prices are indeed steep. I wonder if any will show up after the Worrell, spares unused? I would much rather get a used one for a more reasonable price.

    Unfortunately boats aren't known for being cheap icon_lol A Hobie 16 Mast is $2,200 (though I'm sure it's going to go up soon), made in the US, sold on much larger scale, shorter and with less hardware.
    The Nacra masts are made the in the Netherlands and shipped over with customs duty.
    A club 420 mast, built in RI is $1,000, and there are probably at least 4 of them in an F18 mast.
    It's unfortunate it's all so expensive.
    Some of the Worrell teams will have extra masts, but they will try to recover their cost so I wouldn't expect much of a discount. The real savings is going to be finding someone already driving to California to avoid the freight costs. Currently there is only one California team registered (from Long Beach, but I'm not sure if their boat is coming from there).
    Someone else commented on a mast for $450. A lot has changed in the world of long skinny freight. Fuel prices are a minor effect, the commercial insurance companies have really cracked down and jacked up rates. I tried to ship a mast from NC to RI and was quoted 2K. I was able to find a Uship driver I know to pick it up on his route, but that too is harder as UShip has been taken over by brokers. So, moral of the story is if you need to ship a mast, find a fellow sailor to do it or ship with some other boats.
  • Yeah I'm definitely feeling those costs. I tracked down a new one in the NACRA warehouse in Hampton, but as previously said, shipping will run an arm and a leg.
    Is there any chance that someone is going coast to coast in the near future and can pick it up?

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