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Nacra 17 2013 curved board, gelcoat problem  Bottom

  • Hello,
    My catamaran is the first version, built for the 2016 Olympics. I bought it new. After the first few years, I began to notice cracks in the gelcoat, mostly on top. Later it was also starting to crack on the sides also. Now there are thousands of cracks all over the tops and sides. I sanded one top to see how deep it came from. We clearly see white lines in the fiberglass. From a fiberglass repair shop, it is to their opinion a factory defect, being a case where not enough resin was used when they built the hulls, so they are too soft. Being too soft, the fiberglass flexes, causing the cracks. It is getting really worse. This catamaran has been used for pleasure only, no competitions, approximately 10 times per summer only.
    Anyone has seen this?
    Pictures available.

    InterF18 Canada

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