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  • My boom is simply a 1.5 inch tube that has a long gentle bend in it. looking for advice on the best way to straighten it without putting a kink in it?

  • How bad is it? If it's only very, very slightly bent you might be able to do it, otherwise don't bother. Wedge it securely, where it's wedged will depend on where the deepest part of the bend is. You might try using your mainsheet because that will enable you to exert very gradual pressure. Every so often lay it on something flat to see how close you are getting to getting it straight. I've done this before, and you only get one shot at it. You can't bend it back if you overdo it. Remember, there are plenty of sources for aluminum extrusion if you have to build a new one and that's what I would do but why not give it a try?

    Bill Townsend
    G-Cat 5.0

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