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Lashing a paddle to the striker??  Bottom

  • I am trying to get the full sized paddle off the tramp. I tied it ti the striker part of last year. This boat is a lake boat so see few waves. Anyone have a good retention scheme with shock cords that is rock solid. I have eye fixtures near the hull on the striker for the preventor, so two good anchor point, and the rod in the middle being number 3. Cord works but isnt elegant. Thanks


    Nacra 5.0
  • John,

    Do you feel that you need a full size paddle? We use these telescopic paddles on all of our boats. Much easier to
    stow. We usually put them under the hiking straps and secure them with ball bungees. Can fit 2 of these in place of one large paddle and they move the boat pretty well. Full disclosure we have lost several of these over the
    years in capsizes.



    Pete Knapp
    Schodack landing,NY
    Goodall Viper,AHPC Viper,Nacra I20
  • Pete, I like the telescopong paddles. This one that matches the boat color, so it looks good. Just trying to tidy up the trampoline.


    Nacra 5.0
  • those attwood paddles have been known to fail (either not telescope or not lock when telescoped) - I still have one but still carried a full size one too.
    I would jam it inbetween the tramp and rear beam - that wont work on all boats but did on mine

    when i had a hobie 18 i drilled a few holes in the deck lid and ran bungee through the holes. then slide the paddle under the bungees - worked great.
  • We tied a paddle to the tramp lacing underneath the tramp on my Hobie 16.

    It was blowing like stink and we were double trapped. The jib sheet got washed off the tramp and got hung up on the paddle. When we tacked the sheet wouldn't come free and over we went.
  • I use velcro straps to secure my telescoping paddle.
    I got it from West Marine and is has served well in mostly salt water conditions.
    It's a couple of miles out to the start bouy of my favorite ocean race and the wind is usually really light an hour before the start.
    Sitting on the hull in front of the front crossbar on my 18-2 means I need the telescoping handle to reach the water in any significant fashion.
    Mine is securely strapped to the boom, which I have noted a severe scarcity of on your NACRA.
    Consider strapping it under your tramp, but don't use anything flexible like bungie that will allow the waves to work it free. Drill holes in the paddle for securing it.
    My $0.02.

    Sheet In!
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    Prindle 16 #3690 "Pegasus" Sold (sigh)
    AZ Multihull Fleet 42 member
    (Way) Past Commodore of Prindle Fleet 14
    Arizona, USA

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