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  • Hi all. I'm newish to sailing. Been sailing at the Davis Island Yacht Club for the past 1.5yrs on larger sailboats. 30'+ Been wanting to try my hand at smaller Hobie Cats before purchasing one.

    Is there a good place to do this? Just wanting to learn.

    ASA 101/103. OUPV Captain.
  • I live in Tampa too. The best place to try a Hobie cat in the area is the Clearwater Community Sailing Center https://www.clearwatercommunitysailing.org. You can rent by the hour or get a membership for about $500 a year and take the boats out whenever you want (during business hours.) They have Waves and Getaways, or you can take out a 420, Laser, Sunfish, Paddle-board, Kayak, or even a windsurf board.

    There is also the St. Petersburg center down near the St Pete Peer. They have Ideal 18s, no cats.
  • Dunedin causeway used to be packed every weekend with cats
    Now it is just Rey (kidding, there a few other sailors but "Rey" is the local IronMan for sure and is out there almost every nice weekend)

    You can go there on a nice weekend and usually find a few sailors rigging / sailing. Most of them like to talk with other sailors about their boats.

    I would say don't limit yourself to "hobie cats" as these are lots of great options but if you do go with Hobie, the local hobie shop (Tackle Shack in Pinellas park) has everything you would ever need ... and stories, stories of the 70;s and of sailing with whales, while evading the DEA, and smuggling ...... (they lie a lot), but are fun to talk with)

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