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P16 mystery part  Bottom

  • Downhaul connection??

    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408
  • OK - I guess maybe it's another way to do the same thing. The downhaul line currently runs down through the tube that loop is attached to, with a stopper knot at the top.

  • This is from the Prindle manual. It gives you a 4:1 advantage to better downhaul the main. If you go to page 3 of the technical photo albums, the manual is there and there is a Black and white picture that shows the port side of the mast under rotator.

    Tie downhaul line (3/16” x 7’) to tack ring of
    mainsail and lead:
    1) Through pulley on gooseneck on port
    side of mast
    2) Through tack ring on sail
    3) Around pulley on starboard side of mast
    4) Back through tack ring and down to cleat
    Prindle 15 and 18 Note: Lines are lead
    through inside of rotator wishbone. A
    method used by many racers to increase
    purchase is to tie the line through “U” bracket on gooseneck base first, lead it up
    through the tack ring, and then follow steps
    1 to 4.

    Pete Knapp
    Schodack landing,NY
    Goodall Viper,AHPC Viper,Nacra I20
  • @Pete - thanks for the update. My mast only has one cheek block at the base, so maybe they are using 'pulley' to refer to the fairlead on the cleats? After 44 years, this boat doesn't resemble the manual in some areas, like the boom - the boom on my boat is connected to the tack of the mainsail with a kind of built-in shackle. Even when it does resemble the manual, those grainy and sparse pictures are a minor help, at best. Of course, it's a distinct possibility that the configuration @ boom and mast is assembled incorrectly on my boat.


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