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h23 SC Halyard  Bottom

  • I purchased a 23sc and with any amount of wind the metal bolt and rope come out of the mast at the top, even when I tried to put extra tension on it with the downhaul. It's a long rope halyard, and I suspect that I'm just getting stretching with bigger wind. I don't know if the halyard was original or not. The sail does not reach anywhere near the top of the mast even unfurled. Anyone out there that's switched to a wire halyard? If so, what manufacturer & size? Any other suggestions?
  • You talking about the Hobie Super Cruiser? If so, then there's an issue with the mast luff tracks on this and the SE models - the bolt rope of sails have a tendency to pull out of the plastic section of the luff track at the top. The luff track is aluminum on the mast, then transitions to a separate plastic piece when it transitions to the comp tip, then transitions back to a separate aluminum track fro the final couple feet at the top. You have to get the sail bolt rope into that top aluminum section for the bolt rope to hold in the luff track. Even so, on mine at least I still had the bolt rope pulling out of the plastic below the aluminum periodically. The fix wasn't bad at all: take the head off the mast, slide out the luff track from the comp tip and add another section of aluminum track by cutting the plastic track down with hack saw. Pretty much that simple; budget an afternoon. You will be removing rivets and re-riveting/re-sealing the mast head.
    The above is assuming that you're talking about the sail luff pulling out - the bolt rope coming out of the luff track and that the SC is similar to the SE at the head.

    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408
  • If you’re talking about the Sport Cruiser from Hobie, then that would be the 21SC.

    Search the Hobie website support section for the assembly manual, and there are also instructional videos produced by Hobie on youtube.

    The 21SC mast has aluminum sections of luff track strategically positioned on the comptip to align with the mainsail head location when fully hoisted, and also when reefed. You have to make sure that the mast head aligns with those aluminum sections, or it will pull out of the track.

    Regarding the halyard, Hobie intentionally used an all rope halyard that simply relies on the cleat at the bottom of the mast for securing in order to make the sail easier to hoist (no halyard hook/lock) and to adjust for reefing. The trade off is that you end up with stretch. In the Hobie manual, they recommend putting a loop in the halyard and using a 3:1 purchase to pull on adequate tension.

  • Thanks, guys. Appreciate the advice. I'll go after it next spring!
    It's good to know that it is an issue and not necessarily something obviously boneheaded that I was doing.
  • And yes H21SC. Didn't catch the typo!
  • Where are you located? If local, would be willing to help. I know it can be a little intimidating to start hacking at your boat, but it's something you're going to have to get used to. Hopefully it's just tweaks like this, though.

    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408

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