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Harness - over or under PFD?  Bottom

  • I've worn it both ways, but historically preferred the harness under the PDF, mainly because then the shoulder straps are tight on my shoulders.

    Now I have a fancy pants Zhik T3 with the safety emergency detach/eject velcro. Fits nice, in particular since my wallet is now considerably thinner icon_smile

    Anyway, if I ever need it, the eject velcro won't do me much help if the harness is under the PDF, because I can't easily detach the shoulder straps nor get out of them. So _over_ is the safe option. But now the shoulder straps "fall off" my shoulders anytime they're not under tension.

  • I have a Magic Marine harness and I think on my quick release, it lets go of the spreader bar in an emergency and wouldn't require removing the shoulder straps. I could be wrong though... My harness fits best UNDER my PFD and the emergency release is still below the bottom of my PFD.

    Tim Gibson
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  • I wear mine under

    Captain Chris Holley
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