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After completely restoring my NACRA 5.8, I am thinking of selling it.  Bottom

  • I purchased this 1990 racing Catamaran two years ago and have spent two years completely going through this craft. I am only selling it because I have no one to
    Sail it with.

    The original gel coat was stained and hazy (zero soft spots) and I disassembled and sanded both hulls down to the healthy gel coat, then I primed, treated and painted with Interlux Brightside (Seattle Grey), a one-part marine enamel, and the final coats were rolled and tipped and shine like glass. Incredibly durable, and lighter than gel coat.
    If that wasn’t enough, I taped and painted a strip on each bottom with garage floor enamel to have more armor for landing (even though I bring her on and off shore only on the beach wheels. Not a single scratch on the bottom anywhere, as well as the sides. Beats gel coat nine ways to sunday, especially after waxing the hulls with marine wax (done this summer).

    I have replaced every inch of stay rigging and rope on the boat. The connection between the fiberglass hulls and the front and rear beams have been replaced with stainless steel threads and is stronger than the factory connections. No movement in the frame at all. The helm has been rebuilt with Hobie joints and new aluminum crossbar, new bushings and rudder pins. Brand new trampoline by SloSail. New front porthole access installed when reinforcing the beam connections. New trapeze cables.

    What else…..?

    Sail/jib Dacron
    Complete rope set
    New stays
    New trapeze wires
    New trampoline (slosail)
    New helm joints, replaced cross beam (upgrade)
    New access ports
    Hull beam mounts replaced
    Rolling furler jib (new)
    Hull completely sanded, recoated (Interlux brightside seattle grey) along with daggerboards and rudders
    Bottom paint strip ruggedized
    New mast ball
    Wind vane
    Trailer new wire and fixtures, new wheels, registration/title
    Spare jib
    Spare sail (needs stitching)
    Boat title current
    New side grips
    Beach wheels have upgrade inner tubes
    New downhaul rigging.
    Stored during winter

    I imported the mainsail from Australia, and it is extra crunchy Dacron. Wafer battens. Upper mast is sealed.

    Comes with trailer and cat box with all new wiring and fixtures, carpet has been replaced as well as the wheels. Has spare mounted.

    Nothing needs to be done to this boat. It is race ready or thrill ride ready. The most powerful sailboat I’ve ever handled.

    Anyone interested can email me at zenwalrus@yahoo.com

    The craft lives in WA state and has never touched saltwater.

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    Aberdeen, Washington State

    1990 NACRA 5.8
    2017 Hobie Getaway

    Memento Mori...
  • I do not see a sale price in your ad.
  • Or any pictures
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    John Schwartz
    Ventura, CA

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