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SIZZLER from JAWS 2  Bottom

  • I once owned the original SIZZLER from the movie JAWS 2.
    I purchased it from Steve Curren yacht sales in Marina Del Rey California in 1990. I lived in El Segundo at the time. I was a novice sailor at the time and my father thought this would be a good goal for me.
    The cat was in a yard behind the main office and I could see it from our slip where my dad and I would sail from. We had to get a jib made for the cat because it was missing from the sail bag. There was two main sails. One was white with a mural of a shark on it and one two tone red. I was able to confirm the boat was the actual boat from the movie by examining the film in a particular scene where my SIZZLER cut through one of the upside down Tornadoes. My boat had the scratches in the paint and a dent to match the damage seen in the movie. In 1995 I moved to Salem Oregon and stored to boat at my mothers property. I moved back to L.A. in 1996 and a few years later my mom lost the property to foreclosure. I never saw the boat again. Too bad because my father and I did a lot of work to it and it was a joy to sail. I deeply regret not getting my SIZZLER back from Oregon. Where could it be now?
  • I used to live near Steve Curren yacht sails and remember that boat sitting in the parking lot! Very unusual to say the least. Was it made of aluminum? I also remember a very unusual paint job, flames all down the hull, correct?

    Bill Townsend
    G-Cat 5.7
  • did some checking on the www. the first link was to this site. good article here.
  • My father had one as a teen in the early 70's. Boat I learned to sail on. It was like something out of the future
    back in those days.
  • When I was a teen MN3. My father was in his 30's. It was actually a cool boat. Had a SS keel and us kids hauled it up and down the seawall. Fairly light Aluminum with foam core. I remember feeling real cool one summer as it was the only cat on the lake thus fastest sailboat. Really, know one ever seen one before.
  • QuoteI remember feeling real cool one summer

    I always thought you were "real cool"

    Miss ya Screaming Jim!!!

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