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Integrated Harness & Lifejacket  Bottom

  • Just a notice/update - Some years ago I was looking for an integrated life jacket/harness and posted to the group. I/the group found a company but they had no stock and didn't have an expected delivery date. They have just contacted me to inform me they are now back in stock/business and while I'm getting out of beach cats (tris are so much easier on my surgically repaired back), I wanted to pass this on noting I am not affiliated in any way - https://www.bloodredclothing.com/product/integra-dinghy-sailing-trapeze-harness/
  • Thats quite a cool product.

    Greenville SC

    Offering sails and other go fast parts for A-class catamarans
  • Not USCG Approved. That doesn't mean it can't be used, but.............

    I took a spin at this a while back, that is a PFD integrated into a harness- even mocked one up. I gave up after reading the USCG approval process, let alone the insurance requirements.

    John Schwartz
    Ventura, CA
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