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New to a spin  Bottom

  • I rigged a F17 spin on my N5.2. Custom made a pole, hoop and bag. Launches and retrieves fine but I sailed yesterday for the first time in 14-16mph wind with 2-3ft seas and it seemed like the kite never really "lifted" the bows. It was either heating up and burying or just tame downwind sailing. Almost like there was not a balance point of happiness.
    I had both CB up half way and the main sheeted in to act as a backstay since my rig lacks swept diamonds.
    Any advice?

    81' NACRA 5.2 "Chris's Flyer"
    Previously owned H18, Trac 14, G-Cat 5.0, H14T, H16, N5.0
    BYC, Mobile, AL
  • Give yourself some time to learn how to sail it. My first experience with a spin was much the same way. It takes some practice to keep the kite hot while sailing deep. I kept the tells on the main flowing.

    I miss my Spin boat.

    Greenville SC

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