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  • Hi All,

    After any recommendations for PFD's for a female sailor?

    The Mrs' currently uses an Ultra Females Kayaking PFD, and it tends to ride up to her neck, and becomes annoying and uncomfortable.

    I currently use a Hobie WT4, and have found it very comfortable, and the additional strap that goes under the trapeze hook keeps the jacket from riding high.

    The Mrs tried mine on the weekend, and the strap helped, but due to height difference, (she's 5'5 and I'm 6'), the shoulders were quiet high on her. We' planning on having a look at a smaller Hobie PFD, but was wondering if there were any other suggestions for suitable PFD.



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  • My wife wears a Betsea from Stolhquist

    Captain Chris Holley
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  • My wife is fond of her manual/auto-inflate slim profile PFD. There are a variety available from WestMarine, Amazon and other sources.

    If you are frequently wet the auto-inflate function can be turned off, leaving it at manual inflation (gas cartridge activated with a pull). This is somewhat riskier and may not be your preference, in which case a traditional PFD is probably a better choice. My wife leaves the 'getting wet' part (especially when launching or landing) to me, so she's only had one accidental inflation event. icon_biggrin

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  • I second the Stolhquist life jackets for females. I'm a d cup and hard to fit a jacket, mine stays put. Cheapest model is around 60 bucks.
  • I am not a fan of using inflatable life jacket style PFD's on a beach cat

    The risk of accidental inflation is pretty high with all the side to side movement in a small area, and the frequency beach cats capsize compared to other boats

    I had one inflate on me when i was trying to jump off a boat because a line got snagged on my pull handle and inflated - they are VERY uncomfortable when inflated and ANY time in the water with the cheap plastic edge/hem scratching up and down your neck sucks x100

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