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Nacra 6.0NA jib bridle foil tang or chainplate repair  Bottom

  • Hello everyone, I am in the process of restoring a 2003 Nacra 6.0NA and in the process of doing fiberglass work and repairs and prepping the boat for rigging once the fiberglass and gelcoat are done I found that the bow tang for the bridle foil was failing. Unfortunately this appears to be glassed into the hull. Can anyone advise what the correct part is for this? I see two or three possible parts at Murrays:


    I have removed the deckplate in prep for removing the broken tang and installing a replacement. I wish they followed the same design as the main shrouds where there are 3 screws securing the chainplate / tang. I have added quite a few photos of the work so far. I appreciate any input anyone can offer as I would love to get this boat built back strong and back to sailing

    Album is here:
  • Nice project, and great boat. I probably would not use the diamond tangs unless they are the same as the bow tang that you remove. My guess is the bow tang will be longer. You can easily fabricate a new one from SS stock if you have to.

    You should keep an eye out for a replacement tramp.

  • It may be the same part they used for the Inter 20/18 bow tang as they were being made alongside each other for a while.

    Either way, if one side failed, the other side is soon to follow you may want to replace them both while you have everything torn apart.

    When I had my 5.8 at the factory for some repairs, this was one of the jobs I had done, replace both the shroud and bridal foil tang along with new decks as the ones on the boat were getting soft.

    Worse case, you can always order them from Goose Marine in Australia. The 5.8 class is still alive and kicking down there

    John Schwartz
    Ventura, CA
  • I recall from when I pulled the decks on my 5.8, the tang was similar to the first link, but with a 2" (approximate) curved plate that was perpendicular to the tang itself. It will probably be best to grind out the existing tang and having new ones custom built.


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  • JohnESWorse case, you can always order them from Goose Marine in Australia. The 5.8 class is still alive and kicking down there

    Or go straight to http://briscatamaran.com.au, http://www.nacra.com.au Warren and Roscoe will look after you :)

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