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Selling both of my Mysteres  Bottom

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  • Ouch. I certainly suggest seeing an orthopedic doctor and discuss options. Hopefully they present a good one, and you can focus on selling the Mystere you use less and getting back on the water with the one you use the most!

    Certainly on the 6.0 I would want a 12:1 mainsheet. I’ve gone from 8:1 to 10:1 to 12:1 on the F18 and each time it’s been an improvement. Loads are noticeably lower, I come off the water ready to race another day, and leech tension is more controllable. I can see the argument for sheet response, heard it plenty of times with the foiling A but I know three of us that are using 12:1 setups and we are all happy in general.

    I agree that for cruising/beaching the A isn’t the right boat, but for a super fun ride that is generally easier on the body, a classic A is an attractive option. Those I generally suggest a 10:1 or maybe 11:1 mainsheet system on, as the loads are more manageable than on the foiler.

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  • Thanks Sam. I sailed last sat in 15-20 and it didn't hurt then but is pretty bad all week
    I will talk with my GP and get a referral to an Ortho
  • I just became a member of this community, because my husband bought me a Nacra 5.2 for my birthday. For years my screensaver was a Mystere on a fun ride. I learned to sail on a Mystere 6.0, where they are born. What a wonderful catamaran. Sorry you have to part ways with it, it must be heart breaking. I live in St Pete, if you have good recommendations for launching spots I'm all ears.

    Nacra 5.2
    St Pete, FL
  • Thanks!

    there is a large fleet in gulfport - much closer to you in st pete otherwise dunedin causeway is cat sailing Mecca

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